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Culture, Art & Music
Nature, Sports & Recreation

Experience nature just outside the city year-round (sauna, ice skating, cross-country skiing, swimming, walking, running and much more)

Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve. The area is characterised by a rift valley landscape which is typical for central Sweden but unique in an international perspective.

Official information for exploring the Stockholm archipelago.

Explore beahes and swimming spots outside of the city.

​Find the best outdoor swimming spots in central Stockholm.

Try downhill skiing with a view of the city

Join a sports team of your choice and ambition

Running races and communities

​Yoga events

​Yoga events

​Vipassana meditation groups

​Outdoor classes in Vasaparken, organized by a former participant of the Tune Into Sweden program!

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List of museums with free entrance

Open year-round. The world’s oldest open-air museum, showcasing the whole of Sweden with houses and farmsteads from every part of the country. Lots of animals of Nordic and international species.

Art gallery particularly famous to the general public for the annual Spring Salon (vårsalong) with pieces of art of a variety of styles, made by both professionals and amateurs.

Annual film festival in November.

Annual African film festival in February/March.

Annual festival in October.

During the entire summer Parkteatern arranges a lot of free musical events as well as theatre and dance performances all around the city parks.

Festival guide to Sweden