Professional networks & events

Connect with international talents in Sweden

Search meetup groups within your field of interest

Search events within your field of interest

Share your skills and meet new people

Share your skills and meet new people

Connect with Swedes in your profession

Yearly meeting place for employers and jobseekers

A healthcare and health/life science career fair in Stockholm

Facebook group for psychologists with a foreign degree

Facebook group for Swedish interpreters and translators

Facebook group with job tips in communication

Join learning events

Europe's largest monthly event for startups and takes place the first Monday of each month

Swedish game industry network

Swedish HR association (information in Swedish)

Network for HR professionals in Stockholm (information in Swedish)

HR network with over 1000 members

HR network for recruiters and HR people in the tech, startup and game industries

HR network for newly graduated HR professionals in Stockholm

HR network

Swedish illustrator network

Meetup group for anyone interested in Interior Design, Decoration, and Architecture

Animation and stopmotion production

Business incubator, innovation lab and community of social entrepreneurs

Office space for entrepreneurs that run businesses with a vision to make the world a better place

Meeting and co-working space for the tech startup community

Co-workingspace and a hub in central Stockholm for societal entrepreneurs, thinkers and change-makers

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