Diversity builds innovative organizations and strong communities. Encountering and interacting with differences in others is what pushes us out of our comfort zone and developes us. It makes us more open to change and it makes us invite the unknown instead of fearing it. The fusion of differences in a team is what drives true innovation. 


To embrace differences is a challenge in all organizations, regardless of size or sector. We Link Sweden was founded as a result of a joint passion for turning theory into practice through cross-sector learning, collaboration and a new approach towards diversity management. 


We support leaders that strive to understand how to use the differences in people as the primary incentive for development and results. We think and act long-term and link individuals, organizations, and sectors to promote sustainable change. We contribute to a society where you fit in because you stand out.


Innovation projects

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Differences create greatness

Hugo Ortíz Dubón

Key strength: To understand differences in organizations and develop innovative strategies for change management

"I am a business consultant and diversity strategist with an interdisciplinary degree in International Migration and Ethnic Relations. I have years of experience of organizational development in regional, national, and international projects across sectors.


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Minna Levin

Key strength: To develop sustainable solutions for efficient communication and successful team work

"I am a sociologist with one foot in the private sector and the other in the non-profit world. I have a diverse experience from initiating, developing and managing companies and organizations in national and international contexts and to recruit and build strong, dynamic teams based on differences.


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Hugo Ortiz Dubon

Email: hugo@welinksweden.se

Tel: +46 (0) 72 919 04 03


Minna Levin

Email: minna@welinksweden.se

Tel: +46 (0) 70 249 79 07

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